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13 Drawbacks Of Hiring Out-of-Town Roofing Contractors In Pittsburgh

Posted on : January 16, 2024

13 Drawbacks Of Hiring Out-of-Town Roofing Contractors In Pittsburgh

There are plenty of roofers in and around Pittsburgh. However, if you come across out-of-town roofing contractors, beware! There are a lot of dangers associated with hiring companies that aren’t local. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn the risks of hiring roofers from another region and understand why it’s best to choose a local roofing contractor for your home. Keep reading to avoid accidents, delays, and unnecessary expenses during your roofing project.

The Drawbacks Of Hiring An Out-Of-Town Roofing Contractor

Here are 13 ways in which roofing companies with no local presence can harm your project:

#1 Communication Challenges Throughout The Project

Out-of-town roofers may pose communication challenges throughout the duration of your project. The physical distance can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication, and delays. Coordinating project details, addressing concerns, and making real-time decisions become more challenging when the contractor is not locally accessible, and project managers are not on-site. This lack of immediate communication may result in a less efficient, and potentially problematic roofing process.

#2 Delays In Sourcing Raw Materials and Finished Products

Hiring contractors from outside Pittsburgh may cause delays if you’re sourcing raw materials and finished products. These delays are caused by factors such as unfamiliarity with local suppliers, longer shipping times, and logistical complications. Timely access to quality materials is crucial for a successful roofing project, and any disruptions in the supply chain can lead to project setbacks, affecting both the timeline and overall project quality. Thankfully, Pittsburgh has some excellent manufacturers and stores where you can buy good-quality roofing materials.

#3 High Costs Of Materials, Travel & Transportation

Out-of-town roofing companies generally charge higher for materials, travel, and transportation in their quotes. The expenses related to transporting the crew, equipment, and materials from different locations significantly impact the final cost of the project. So, as you can see, choosing non-locals results in inflated costs that can easily be avoided by hiring local roofing contractors.

#4 Material Damage During Transportation

Transporting roofing materials over a considerable distance increases the risk of damage during transit. Chances are high that roofers from other regions may face challenges in ensuring the safe and secure transportation of materials to your home. This can lead to unexpected damages, compromising the quality of materials and potentially impacting the strength and durability of your roof.

#5 Problems With Warranties & Insurance Claims

Dealing with warranties and insurance claims can be more complicated when you hire an out-of-town roofing contractor. Homeowners may find it challenging to get quick assistance, which often leads to difficulties in getting the necessary coverage from manufacturers and insurance providers. You may even end up paying on your own for the mistakes made by your contractor.

#6 Issues With Local Permits and Licensing

Local roofing permits and licenses are necessary in Pittsburgh, PA. Contractors who are not from Pittsburgh may need additional documentation to perform roofing work in the city. However, local permit processes can be complex and time-consuming. Sometimes, the contractor may not even obtain the required documents.

#7 Legal Issues

Out-of-town roofers may inadvertently overlook or misunderstand local building codes, leading to legal and safety concerns. Failure to comply with these standards usually results in fines, project shutdowns, or even a compromised home foundation. Choosing a contractor unfamiliar with Pittsburgh's specific requirements increases the risk of facing these issues, potentially putting your money and home at risk.

#8 Disputes With Your Area’s Homeowners Association

Homeowners associations (HOAs) often have specific guidelines and regulations regarding exterior modifications, including roofing. These regulations are in place to uphold safety, energy efficiency, and economic balance in the neighborhood. Non-local roofing contractors may not be well-versed in these regulations, which can lead to disputes with the homeowners association.

#9 Compromised Safety

Non-locals may use incompatible or low-grade roofing materials, which may not protect your home from Pittsburgh’s snowy and stormy weather. Our state has laid out a list of suitable roofing materials, and contractors who are not well-acquainted with the local weather may not know or use these materials. This can put your home and family at risk during severe weather conditions.

#10 Difficulty In Confirming The Contractor’s Credibility & Reputation

Verifying the authenticity, certifications, and track record of such contractors can be challenging. Their feedback from past customers may be limited or less accessible, making it harder for Pittsburgh homeowners to evaluate their workmanship quality and customer satisfaction level.

#11 Delayed Emergency Response For Future Issues

If you hire an out-of-town roofing contractor for a roof replacement or installation, it can be difficult to work with them if you ever need emergency roof repairs. The contractor may face challenges in providing timely assistance due to availability and distance constraints. This will ultimately require you to hire a local roofer who has not installed your roof. You will need to provide them with the background of your roofing contractor and the work they've done on your roof.

#12 Unnecessary Environmental Impact

Choosing roofers who are not from Pittsburgh will increase your environmental impact due to unnecessary travel and transportation. The carbon footprint associated with transporting the roofing team, equipment, and materials over long distances is much higher than hiring locally. If you want to play your part in protecting the environment, employ reputable local roofing experts.

#13 You’re Not Supporting The Local Economy

Hiring non-local roofers means that the economic benefits of the roofing project are directed away from the local community. When you invest in local businesses, they become more resilient during economic downturns. Their growth leads to the community's development, keeping the supply and demand chain in balance. So, you can enhance Pittsburgh’s economy by hiring a local roofing company, which will purchase materials from local suppliers and reinvest in the community.

Now you know how hiring an out-of-town contractor can negatively affect you, your home, and your budget. The best way to avoid these costly mistakes is by hiring a local roofing contractor in Pittsburgh. However, not every local roofer is reliable. So, you should do some research and select a locally certified contractor with good experience and feedback from their customers in Pittsburgh.

Tips On Hiring A Good Local Roofing Contractor In Pittsburgh, PA

Are you wondering how to find a good roofer in Pittsburgh? Thankfully, there are a few well-established companies in town to compare. Check out their websites for locations, certifications, and reviews from past customers. You can verify their credentials with organizations like Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angi.

Top-rated roofing contractors in Pittsburgh work with top-quality roofing materials and highly trained professionals. Choose a roofing company that seems responsible and cares about its reputation. Their team can deliver the best results within your budget and without causing delays or disputes. This way, you can save a lot of money and time on your roofing project. 

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