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Our offers 5% off on senior Veteran Discount

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Commercial Roof Repair In Pittsburgh, PA

The commercial roof over your business isn't just for show - it's what's keeping the elements out and your operations running smoothly. Whether you've got a church, mall, hotel, factory, or warehouse, a damaged roof can spell big trouble. Just like with a house, ignoring small problems only allows them to turn into costly nightmares down the road.

The sooner you get repairs handled, the better. Trust us, you don't want to put that off until water pours in and causes interior havoc.

That's why at McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we stress addressing any signs of roofing trouble as soon as possible. See anything wonky going on up there? Don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll get someone out for an inspection lickety-split, diagnose the problem areas, and lay out an affordable game plan to get your commercial roof back into fighting shape.

Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repairs

Here are some major red flags that your flat or low-slope roof has damages that require repairs:

Leaks or Water Stains:

Interior water stains, dripping, or moisture accumulation are clear indicators of a compromised roof, potentially leading to mold growth and structural damage if left unaddressed.

Ponding Water:

Excessive standing water on your roof can accelerate deterioration, causing leaks and putting unnecessary strain on the roofing system.

Surface Cracks or Blisters:

Visible cracks, blisters, or surface bubbles on your roof's membrane can signal underlying issues and potential water infiltration points.

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Types of Commercial Roofs We Repair

When it comes to flat commercial roofs, we're experts at repairing the two most common systems—TPO and EPDM. Our crew knows the ins and outs of these roofing materials inside and out. Whether you've got tears, seam issues, or other problems starting to crop up, we'll get it patched up and secured so you can count on weathertight protection.

Don't let roof problems for your business get out of hand. With one call to McClellands, we'll have you covered with professional commercial roof repair to stave off those costly headaches.

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We separate ourselves from the competition by combining our reliable roofing, remodeling, and exterior work with friendly service.

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