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Flat Roof Venting Options: Do You Really Need Them?  

Posted on : March 27, 2023

Flat Roof Venting Options: Do You Really Need Them?  

Have you ever wondered if your flat roof needs ventilation? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of roofing, but proper ventilation can make all the difference in the lifespan of your flat roof.

In this blog post, we'll explore the different flat roof venting options available and answer the question: Do you really need them? Get ready to discover the benefits of proper ventilation and the risks of neglecting this crucial aspect of your roof's health. 

What Is Flat Roof Ventilation?

Flat roof ventilation refers to the process of allowing air to circulate between the roof deck and the attic space below. Ventilation is important for these roofing types because flat roofs are more prone to moisture buildup than sloped roofs. Without proper ventilation, warm, moist air can become trapped in the space between the roof deck and insulation, leading to condensation and potential damage to the roof structure.

Ventilation allows the hot air that builds up to the attic to escape through the roof and the cooler air to replace it. 

Why Is Flat Roof Ventilation Important? 

You might think that ventilation is only necessary for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, where the chances of moisture buildup are higher. These are the areas usually associated with a residential space where pitched roofs are the norm. However, contrary to what many homeowners think, venting a flat roof is just as important. 

Below, we’ve listed some benefits you’ll get by installing a flat roof ventilation system on your property. 

Prolong The Life Of Your Flat Roof 

Roofs are meant to last long and protect your property for years to come.  But if you don’t have an adequate ventilation system, your roof may not last long.  

By ensuring proper ventilation with the help of a flat roof vent, you can prevent damage to the roof’s structure, which ultimately prolongs the roof's life. By reducing the buildup of moisture and heat, roofing materials are less likely to deteriorate and your need for repairs or replacement will decrease. This can save you money in the long run and increase the lifespan of your roof.

Improve Air Quality 

As warm air rises and becomes trapped below the roof deck, it can carry pollutants such as dust, allergens, and even mold spores. Without proper ventilation, these pollutants can accumulate and circulate in the building's indoor air, potentially causing health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues.

Helps To Maintain The Temperature

Flat roof vents help to regulate the temperature in the attic space by allowing hot air to escape and cool air to enter. Ventilation helps to reduce the overall temperature of the attic, which in turn leads to lower energy costs and improved comfort levels for occupants.

How Much Ventilation Does Your Flat Roof Need? 

Now that you know how crucial ventilation is to your home or business with a flat roof, the next step is understanding how much ventilation you’ll require so your roof performs optimally.  

As a general rule of thumb, the recommended ventilation rate for flat roofs is 1 square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic space. However, this is just a guideline, and your flat roof's specific ventilation requirements may vary.

Determining the amount of ventilation needed for a flat roof depends on several factors, such as the size of your roof, the type of roof, the climate conditions, and more.  The best way to determine how much ventilation your flat roof needs is by consulting a roofing professional. They can assess your roof and attic space and recommend the best ventilation options to meet your specific needs.

Types Of Flat Roof Vents You Can Install

Several types of flat roof vents can be used to provide proper ventilation for a building. Here are two common types:

Breather Vents

Breather vents are small vents that are installed on the roof's surface. They are typically made of plastic and have a design that easily allows air to circulate into and out of the roof. Breather vents are easy to install and can be used with other roof vents to provide proper ventilation.

Breather Vents
Breather Vents

Mushroom Vents 

Mushroom vents, named so due to their shape resembling mushrooms, are larger vents that protrude from the roof's surface. They are typically made of metal and are designed to rotate in response to changes in wind direction, which creates a vacuum effect that draws warm air out of the roofing system. Mushroom vents are more effective than breather vents for ventilation but can be more expensive and difficult to install.

Mushroom Vents 
Mushroom Vents 

Box Vents 

Box flat roof vents are also a great option for your roofing system. These are a type of static vent that has a square or rectangular box-like shape. Since these are non-mechanical, they may not be as efficient at exhausting hot air, but they still work reasonably well. 

Though you may more commonly find box vents on pitched roofs, box vents are actually more effective for venting a flat roofing system. 

Box Vents 
Box Vents 

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are typically installed in the underside of the roof overhang, commonly known as the soffit. They allow fresh air to enter the attic space and work in tandem with roof-mounted vents to create a continuous flow of air. This helps prevent moisture buildup and promotes better air circulation in the attic.

Soffit Vents
Soffit Vents

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