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How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Posted on : July 26, 2022

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?
When you think of building a new home, then a lot of questions can come to mind. One crucial aspect of your home will be your new roof. Having a strong roof over your head is no less than a blessing. To have this, you need to be fully aware of the roof system, popular materials, etc. If you're considering a new roofing system or a roof replacement, you've likely wondered about the cost factor. It's one of the most important factors to consider because it can impact the value of your home. In this article, we'll walk you through what affects the price of a new roof and how much to expect to pay based on standard materials.

Factors That Affect Your New Roof Cost

How much is the cost of a new roof? That's a question we hear every day. And it's a good one! First of all, you should know that there is no single right answer to this question. The cost varies on several factors. Below we have listed some of the most influential factors. However, before we go further, you should know about some of the things:
  • In the following sections, the area of the roof has been measured in terms of square footage. This is the common metric used to calculate the size of your roof. The material cost, as well as the labor cost, are calculated on the basis of square feet. (1 Square = 100 feet).
  • The prices mentioned in this blog represent only the average costs. These are taken from the national averages; the actual prices can vary according to the location and other factors.
  • The cost of the roof not only involves the cost of the roofing material. Other things such as flashing, decking, and roofing underlayment all are important to installing a roofing system.

➤ Size Of Your Roof

Not every roof system is of the same area. It depends on the space you have, the budget, and your preference. The size of your roof is essential when you're thinking about the cost of replacing your roof. Roof size is measured in square feet, and it can vary depending on how much of your home's surface is covered by the roofing system. The bigger the area of your roof in square feet, the more materials will be needed. Also, more labor will also be required to cover your roof. All these aspects will ultimately increase your overall cost of a new roof. The average roof size in North America is usually between 1500-2000 square feet. With the most common area being 1700 square feet. The national average cost of a new roof is around $8000 To $11000. The average cost of a new roof for a 1,000-square-foot home is around $4,600-$5500. This means that for every additional 1,000 square feet you're adding to your home, you will have to spend in this range. Examples of a new roof cost for some other sizes of roof:
  • 1500 Square Feet: $6,525 – $15000
  • 1700 Square Feet: $7,395 – $18,700
  • 2000 Square Feet: $8,700 – $22,000

➤ Complexity and Accessibility Of Roof

The complexity of your roof is going to play a significant role in how much a new roof will cost you. The more complicated the job, the more it will cost you. For example, if you had a flat roof and wanted to get rid of it and put in a gable-style roof, that would be significantly more expensive than an ordinary roof replacement. Also, if you have a single-story home, then it will be relatively more manageable for the roofers to reach your roof and do their work rather than in a two-story home. Not only complexity but the accessibility of your roofing system can also influence your new roof's cost. The accessibility of your roof will depend on where it is located. The more difficult it is to reach your current roof, the more time it takes for someone to complete the job and therefore increases costs associated with labor. For example, if you have a lot of trees surrounding your home or you live in a densely populated area, then it will pose difficulties in roof installation. On the other hand, if your surrounding is clean and has an easy-to-reach attic or crawlspace, then it will be easy to work, reducing the new roof cost.

➤ Location

The state that you live in can affect the cost of your new roof. For instance, the cost of a new roof in the state of Pennsylvania will be different from the new roof cost in California. This is because each state has different conditions, rules, and roofing contractors. If you live in a climate with harsh winters or very hot summers (or both), then this will affect how much it costs to install a new roof because there are different levels of insulation required depending on where your home is located. Next, consider your location within that particular state or region. Some states have strict laws about which materials may be used on roofs and what kind of labor must be employed; others are less strict about these things (and, therefore, less expensive). The same goes for cities: Some cities require contractors to undergo rigorous training before they're allowed to work on any kind of construction project. The average new roof cost in the state of Pennsylvania can be in the range of $6000 to $8000. Note that this is just an estimate, and the real price can vary.

➤ Roofing Material

The material that you choose will have a big impact on the overall cost of your project. The roofing materials occupy the top-most layer of the roofing system and thus are the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. Commonly-used roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal roofs, concrete tiles, and slate roofs. For example, if you opt for metal over another kind of shingle, then this can increase your overall expenses significantly — especially since most contractors charge a premium for working with metal roofs due to their added difficulty level compared with asphalt shingles or concrete tiles (which are relatively easy for most contractors). Below are some of the popular roof shingles in Pennsylvania:

➢ Asphalt Shingles

Majority of U.S. homes have asphalt shingle roofs because they are easy to install and durable. In Pennsylvania, about 85% of homes have them. These are also the least expensive type of roofing material. The average cost range for replacing a 2×4-foot section (about 100 square feet) of asphalt shingles in Pennsylvania is between $3.50 and $10.50 per square foot.

➢ Metal Roofs

Metal is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials out there, but it also comes with a variety of options. Metal roofs can last for up to 50 years, but they're also pricey. Metal roofs are also gaining popularity. In general, you can expect to pay around $10.00 to $30.00 per square foot for a new tile roof installation in the Pennsylvania.

➢ Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are a great option for anyone looking for a more traditional, classic feel in their home. Clay tiles are made from a combination of clay, sand, and water that offers additional durability. These tiles are more expensive than concrete tiles but can also last longer too. Cost to install clay tiles in Pennsylvania can be in the range $9 to $25 per square foot.

➤ Labor Cost

These are the ones who will perform the new roof installation or the roof replacement. The labor force also varies from state to state, and so do the roofing contractors. According to many roofing experts, labor costs are the most considerable expense associated with installing a new roof. They take up about 50-60% of the overall roofing cost. Labor costs will vary based on whether or not you hire a professional contractor to install the roof for you or if you decide to do it yourself. If you decide to hire a professional contractor, labor costs can be anywhere from $1.5-$3 per square foot of surface area, plus an additional fee for disposal of old roofing materials. Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit for this sort of work as well. It's important to note that these permit fees vary widely between cities and states.

➤ Existing Roof Condition

Apart from the considerations mentioned above, you also need to know that your existing roof's condition plays a big part in determining the new roof's cost. Check out the following factors. If it's in good shape and just needs some minor repairs, it may be possible to get away with a less expensive roof repair or replacement. On the other hand, if it is damaged or has reached the end of its life expectancy, then it's time to look into getting a new one. Once that's been determined, then you can get quotes from local contractors and see what they have to offer in terms of pricing and quality of workmanship.

New Roof Cost Estimate In Pennsylvania

We hope that with this blog, you have a fair idea about how much your new roof will cost and can now make a budget accordingly. However, to ensure that your new roof is strong and perfectly installed, it is better to take the assistance of a professional roofing contractor. If you are located anywhere in Western Pennsylvania and searching for a roofing contractor to get your roof replaced , look no further than McClellands Contracting and Roofing. Our team has years of experience installing new roofs for residential and commercial properties. Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, we offer the best services in the Western Pennsylvania area. Our experienced professionals will work with you to determine the right solution for your home and budget. We'll help you find a new roof that meets all of your needs while staying within your budget. You can be sure that we'll always provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Contact us now at (412)-353-5660, and our representatives will get in touch.

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