Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof?

Posted on January 3, 2023

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Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof?

Replacing a roof is a typical home improvement project that is often necessary due to wear and tear, storm damage, or simply because a homeowner wants to update the appearance of their home. A roof is a crucial component of a home, protecting the structure and its occupants from the elements.

When it’s time to replace your roof, it’s essential to consider more than just the style and color of your new shingles. Homeowners often have one important question, which is whether they will need a permit for their roof replacement project.

This blog post will delve into the details involved in needing a permit for a roof replacement and how to get one. Keep reading to make sure your roof replacement project goes as safely and smoothly as possible.

Why Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof? 

Obtaining a permit may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it serves an important purpose. Permit access ensures that your roof replacement work meets all necessary building codes and safety standards. Below we’ve listed some benefits of having a permit for a roof replacement.  

Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Roof

Permits Ensure Proper Standards Of Work

Homes built in every state of the county have to adhere to some form of a building code. These codes and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of you and your family, as well as the integrity of your home. By obtaining a permit and having the work inspected, you will have confidence that the roofing work meets your state’s safety standards. 

Peace Of Mind

In addition to ensuring the work is done properly, obtaining a permit can also protect the homeowner from liability in the event of an accident or damage during the project. If you hire a contractor to replace your roof and they do not obtain the necessary permits, you, as the homeowner, could be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Obtaining a permit gives you peace of mind of knowing that the work is being done correctly and safely.

Permits Can Help Increase The Value Of Your Home

Finally, obtaining a permit can also increase the value of your home by ensuring that the work is done according to code and has met the highest standards. With this, you can be confident that your roof replacement will be of the best quality and stand the test of time. 

This benefit can be especially important if you plan to sell your home. If the time comes for you to sell your home, and the buyer asks for proof of a permit to ensure the contractor did the work legally, you’ll be able to provide it. 

When Is A Building Permit Necessary? 

To determine whether or not you require a permit for your specific project, it’s essential to consider the circumstances of the work being done and the requirements of your state. In general, a permit is typically required for roof replacement in the following situations:

If You Replace The Roof Entirely 

A permit is generally required in most states if you are removing the entire roof and replacing it with a new one. This is because removing an entire roof and replacing it with a new one is considered a significant change to the structure of a home. 

If The Roof Structure Or Framing Is Being Modified 

Permits are mainly required when there is a change to the structure of a building. If you are making any changes to the roof structure, that is, making changes beneath the roofing materials or framing, a permit is generally essential. This can involve the adding or removing of trusses or rafters. In states such as Pittsburgh, changes to roof decks or sheathing will also require a permit. 

If you are changing the type of roofing material being used on the home, a permit may also be required, especially if you are using a material that is not commonly used in your area or requires special installation techniques.

It’s important to note that building codes and regulations vary by location, so it’s always best to check with your local building department to determine what permits are required for your specific project.

Can You Apply For A Permit? 

The first question you may have as you look for whether or not you need a permit is whether you can apply for a permit yourself. As a homeowner, you can apply for a permit provided that you replace your roof yourself. Therefore, in case of DIY installation and replacement, you can apply by visiting the relevant authorities’ website.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire a roofing contractor for your roof replacement project. Then the contractor will need to apply for the permit. Only licensed and insured roofing contractors can get a permit to offer residential roofing services from the required authorities.  

Where To Get A Permit In Pittsburgh

The rules regarding permits and building codes vary from state to state. Therefore you need to get in touch with the local authorities of your area. In Pittsburgh, building permits are issued by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections (PLI). The PLI is responsible for reviewing and issuing building permits and enforcing building codes and regulations. 

Since most of the processes are digital, you can also apply through the following website:

The permits are categorized into different categories based on the type of property (residential and commercial), type of work, and type of structure. 

How Much Do Permits Cost? 

The cost of building permits in Pittsburgh depends on the nature and scope of your project. Mostly, the authorities will charge a base fee and the rest will depend on the overall cost. 

To know more about the cost structure, check out the following link:

It is important to be informed about the rules and regulations in your city or county. You should always check with them before beginning any project so that you don’t get caught off-guard with unexpected fines.

What Happens When You Replace Your Roof Without A Permit?

If you do a roof replacement project without obtaining the necessary permits, you may face several consequences. These can include the following factors:

You May Need To Pay Fines 

A significant consequence of starting your project without the relevant building permit is being fined. Depending on the laws in your area, you may be subject to fines for performing work without a license. These fines can be significant and can put a dent in your budget. 

Work Stoppage

If you are caught performing work without a permit, the local building department may require you to stop work until you obtain the necessary permit. This can cause delays and additional costs.

Legal Issues

As the law requires permits, you may face legal consequences if you sell your property without disclosing that work was done without a permit.

Safety Concerns

Building codes and permit requirements exist to ensure that work is done safely. If you do not follow these requirements, you may be putting yourself, your family, and your property at risk.

Why Is A Licensed Contractor Important For Your Project?

Hiring a licensed roofer before applying for permits is generally a good idea for a few reasons.

First, a licensed roofer will have the knowledge and experience to properly assess your roof and determine what work needs to be done. They will also be familiar with local building codes and regulations and can advise you on what permits are required for your specific project.

Additionally, a licensed roofer will have the necessary liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you and your property in case of any accidents or injuries that may occur during the roofing project.

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Hire The Best Roof Replacement Contractors In Pittsburgh

From this blog, it is clear that you will need to get a building permit to replace a roof, and that doing so will provide a lot of benefits. The permit will allow you and your contractor to get everything done safely, which is essential for many reasons, including liability concerns and insurance needs.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of replacing the roof and applying for permits yourself, look no further than the McClellands Contracting and Roofing, LLC team; Pittsburgh’s best roof replacement company. Our roofers have years of experience and are fully licensed and insured. We do our work according to your area’s building codes and will ensure your new roof looks as good as ever.  

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