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A 5-Minute Guide To Emergency Roof Leak Repair In 2024

Posted on : February 15, 2024

A 5-Minute Guide To Emergency Roof Leak Repair In 2024

Sometimes, life hits you unexpectedly with challenging tasks that you have no prior experience handling. If you are a homeowner dealing with frustrating roof leaks, this guide will be a helpful resource for you, especially if this is your first time dealing with them. At McClellands Contracting and Roofing LLC, we’re here to share our expertise in dealing with emergency roof leak repairs for homeowners in our community to feel safe within their homes. 

In this guide, you will get acquainted with the steps needed to fix a roof leak urgently, and also learn the importance of repairing roof leaks with permanent solutions. So, let’s take the first step to keeping your home as safe as it should be.

Fixing An Emergency Roof Leak With A Tarp

Begin by protecting your stuff, by placing buckets under the dripping water, and wiping up the wet floor. After that, follow these steps until professional help arrives:

Step 1: Find The Origin Of The Leak

Stopping a roof leak temporarily involves identifying accurately where it originates. It could either be in your attic close to the roofing layers, or around areas prone to fissures, such as chimneys, ridge caps, and plumbing vents. Even minor cracks can lead to potential leaks during heavy rainstorms. Keep in mind that if you detect more than one patch of discoloration or a wet spot on your ceiling, then there are probably multiple sources for the leak.

Step 2: Gather The Necessary Supplies

To handle these crises quickly yet effectively, ensure you have all the necessary tools to fix the roof leak temporarily. Here's a list of what you might need:

  • A durable ladder for roof access
  • Gloves to handle the tools more safely
  • Buckets to collect water
  • Flashlight for better visibility in dark spaces 
  • Tarps or plastic sheets
  • Roofing nails and a hammer

Step 3: Puncture The Ceiling

Puncture The Ceiling

Place plastic sheets and buckets under the leak and, using a screwdriver or similar tool, puncture the ceiling so the trapped water is released. This will prevent the spread of water to the other areas of the roof, walls, and ceiling.

Step 4: Tarp The Leaky Areas Of The Roof

Tarp The Leaky Areas Of The Roof

After releasing the water, it’s time to tarp the damaged section of the roof from above. This will prevent more rainwater from entering through the roof. To tarp the roof, you’ll need the ladder to climb up to the roof with all your tools.

If you have done some roofing work before, try covering up the damaged section of the roof with a tarp. The tarp should be bigger than the area you are going to place it over. After placing the tarp, secure it properly using boards and touch nails or screws.

Precautions To Take During Temporary Roof Repairs

While executing these temporary repair tasks, ensure your safety. Always wear sturdy, slip-resistant footwear and avoid working in adverse weather conditions like thunderstorms, heavy winds, or blizzards. Also, remember that no matter how handy you may be at DIY projects, sometimes the best course of action is admitting when things are beyond your scope and consulting an expert. 

In recent years, roofing accidents have increased by 21%, and 80% of those accidents involve falls from the roof. So, what may seem like a minor issue initially may escalate into a major one due to negligence. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

If you are not handy with these types of tasks or don’t have a helper with you, it’s not advisable to do work on your roof yourself. Instead, hire a professional roofing contractor to take care of everything.

When To Choose Emergency Roof Repair Services

There comes a point when professional intervention becomes necessary. This is often guided by several factors:

#1 The Extent of Damage

Minor leaks might be manageable in the moment, but if large sections of your roof have been compromised, it's time to call in the professionals. Otherwise, it can be a risky mistake to leave things unchecked for a long time.

#2 Safety Risks

If accessing or repairing the leak puts your safety at risk due to steep slopes, slippery conditions, or precarious heights, then the job is best left to seasoned experts.

#3 Recurring Leaks

If previous attempts at DIY roof repairs haven't stopped the issue and water continues to infiltrate your home, you need to call a reliable local contractor for emergency roof leak repairs.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Good Contractor For Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Contractor For Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

There's more than one upside to hiring professionals for your emergency roofing needs:

#1 Expertise

Professionals possess deep knowledge about different types of roofs and the problems they can encounter. They have the practice and experience to diagnose the damage and repair your roof with permanent solutions to prevent future leaks.

#2 Quality Materials

A reputable local contractor has good connections with established manufacturers. They will have access to high-grade materials at lower rates to provide durable solutions within your budget. Moreover, a contractor who’s certified by roofing manufacturers can help you get good warranties on the materials you purchase. 

#3 Savings

While initial costs associated with repair may seem high compared to DIY options, professional repairs are more cost-effective in the long run. This is because proper, long-term repairs reduce the need for frequent fixes and replacements.

#4 Insurance Claim Assistance

Most insurance companies need you to keep proof of proper roof maintenance and professional repairs. This assures them that the damage is not a result of the homeowner’s negligence, and they can provide coverage accordingly.

The Dangers of Ignoring Proper Roof Leak Repairs

Avoiding roof repairs can lead to a number of grave consequences. As roofers, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper long term solutions to safeguard your home’s roof.

Roof Leak Repairs

Property Damage

Avoiding permanent solutions for roof leaks can lead to extensive water damage to both external and internal structures of your home. Once water penetrates through the openings in the roof, it winds its way downwards, impacting walls, affecting insulation materials, soaking into carpets, ruining electrical systems or even causing wood rot in several areas. Large costs are attached to reversing these forms of damage.

Health Hazards

Adding to it, wet conditions created by roof leaks often enable the growth of mold and mildew, which pose immense hazards to our health. Molds release microscopic spores that can be easily inhaled by inhabitants, leading to allergies or respiratory problems, including asthma.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Repetitive leaks can saturate the wooden rafters and ceiling joints over time, which might weaken the whole structure. The weakening of your roof’s foundation has severe implications, such as the roof sagging or collapsing, posing significant safety risks for you, your family, and your belongings.

Higher Utility Bills

Damp insulation is less effective at keeping hot air out during summer and cold air out during winter, prompting higher energy consumption and escalating utility bills. Energy Star concludes that homeowners spend an average additional 11% to 15% on energy costs due to inadequate or damaged attic insulation. This damage is often a result of ignored roof leaks.

So here's the reality: although professional emergency repair services might seem like an expensive deal to some homeowners, ignoring them could result in far more expenses down the line. Besides considering the cost, you should prioritize proper roof repairs to ensure a safe living environment for you and your loved ones!

If you need emergency roof leak repair services in Pittsburgh or a nearby town, you can trust McClellands Contracting and Roofing LLC to do the job perfectly!

Choose Pittsburgh’s Most Trusted Emergency Roofing Contractor!

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing LLC, we’ve seen how trapped moisture can cause damage to homes within our community. When it becomes an emergency to fix a leaking roof, you need someone you can trust completely with the safety of your home and the value of your money. Being your local experts, we will be there in no time to take care of those leaks and prevent them from occurring again. If you need an emergency roof repair service in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area, we’re here to help. Call us at (412) 353-5660 and discuss your roofing issues with one of our experts.


A. You should expect to spend anywhere between $300 to $1,500 to repair minor roof leaks. Meanwhile, when it comes to repairing major roof damage, or needing a complete roof replacement, the costs are much higher, and you may need to file an insurance claim. Alternatively, you can explore some flexible roof financing plans offered by your chosen contractor.

A.To answer this question, yes, most homeowner insurance policies do cover roof leak repairs under certain conditions, although specifics may differ among companies as well as policy packages. It’s quite common for insurers to provide coverage for unexpected and sudden events like a tree falling onto your roof or wind ripping off sections during a storm. However, if they determine that persistent maintenance neglect resulted in leaks or damage over time, then they might politely decline to cover the costs.

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