9 Insanely Easy Ways to Increase Your Attic Insulation

Posted on June 21, 2022

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9 Insanely Easy Ways to Increase Your Attic Insulation

When your attic is maintained, your home becomes 10 times better. Attic insulation, roofing and energy saving go hand in hand.

Insulation alone is not enough to keep your attic working. Often, companies will only promote their insulation products and 5-star appliances. Moreover, many homeowners overlook the roofing part.

That’s why the team at McClellands Contracting and Roofing is here. In this blog, our experts have explained how you can get the best out of your insulation techniques.

How Does Attic Insulation Help Homeowners

The primary job of attic insulation is to balance the airflow in the attic and keep unwanted elements outside. This comes with a lot of other perks. We’ve listed a few major benefits below:

Energy Consumption

When the weather is very cold or hot, you naturally turn to your heating and cooling equipment. According to Energy Star, a typical homeowner spends around 54% of the utility budget on electricity bills. But with a balanced attic environment, you can cut that down by 25%.

Improves Comfort

If your attic isn’t maintained properly, your heating and cooling systems won’t be efficient. You’ll still feel uncomfortable.

A proper attic insulation and ventilation balances your home’s temperature and humidity levels. Studies show that a comfortable indoor environment boosts your mood and productivity.

Keeps You Safe

In extreme temperatures, wooden rafters tend to crack. This weakens the structure of your home. But you can prevent it by having a well-maintained attic. Insulation, roofing, and ventilation together help balance the indoor temperatures.

Protects Your Roof

Your shingles can ruffle up after a couple of winters and summers. To extend the life of your shingles, you have to keep the attic under the right temperatures. This will reduce the need for roof repairs and replacements.

For Pennsylvania, the US Department of Energy recommends attic resistance value (R-value) between 49-60. Your home won’t keep you happy, if it drops below 49.

So, this is why every homeowner needs proper insulation for attic. Here is how you can do it.

9 Insanely Easy Ways To Increase Your Attic Insulation

9 Ways To Improve Your Attic Insulation

We believe that you’re aware of different insulating products and energy saving appliances. Besides, most of you may even have these in your homes. So it’s time for you to maximize efficiency.

These are some important ways to make sure your insulation techniques are working:

  • Repair Roof Damage

Do you see any cracks, stains or leakage? Touch to check the condition of rafters. Do they feel porous or flexible? If yes, it’s a moisture issue. First, take care of all such repairs. Otherwise, your insulation won’t be effective.

You can call us at (412) 353-5660) for a free roof inspection.

  • Seal Holes In The Ceiling

You must seal all the openings made for wires, pipes, ducts etc. These small holes contribute to wastage of energy. You can use premium caulks for this. Most building codes need you to use fireproof caulks.

  • Check the Shingles

Make sure your shingles are in good shape. If you see a crisscross pattern anywhere, it’s a problem. During winters, heat can easily escape from these joints. This will put a lot of strain on your heating and insulation efforts.

We are more than happy to guide you about the roofing materials best for your area.

  • Attic Insulation Materials

Roof Vents are good to balance the air in your attic. But you need to make sure cold air and snow don’t enter your attic. This is where insulation comes in. In Hainesport, you can use the Govt. recommended materials like loose fill like mineral wool, cellulose or fiberglass.

  • Insulation DOs and Don’ts

Don’t forget to leave room for air. Extremely tight insulation creates air pressure. This can do more harm than good.

Don’t cover small areas where the rafters end. It can cover soffits, preventing proper ventilation. This makes it easy for mold and mildew growth. You can avoid it by installing a protective baffle between rafters.

Always pair insulation with vents. It balances the environment of the attic.

  • Attic Vents

While attic insulation keeps the warm air out, you need to get rid of the hot air that is already in your attic. Install attic fans on the ceiling of your attic. During summers, leave all these fans on. This is the best way to throw warm air out of your home.

  • Gable Vents

Install gable vents. These are generally both intake and exhaust. When warm air moves out, it creates pressure. This pressure makes way for cool air to come in. Gable vents do well with attic insulation.

  • Check your HVAC Systems

Go through your air conditioners, heaters, and vents. Do these fit the room well? If any of these is too big or too small, you probably need a new one. Similarly, check its cooling power according to the size of your room.

  • Window Covers

Cover your windows and skylights when the sun is up. Shutters help really well to keep the heat outside. During winters, seal these parts of your home using strong caulks. This will prevent air, water and snow leakage.

We Can Help You Maintain Your Attic Insulation

If you maintain your attic, you can easily increase the life of your home. Well-ventilated attics prevent frozen pipes, mold, and rotting wood. This ultimately adds 5 stars to the resale value of your home.

Roofing, insulation, and exterior work keep everything in place for a very long time.

If you want to know more about attic insulation and ventilation, we are happy to guide you. You can call us at (412) 353-5660. At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, our experts would be happy to give you a thorough consultation for free.

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