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What Color Metal Roof Fades The Most?

Posted on : May 3, 2024

What Color Metal Roof Fades The Most?

When it comes to metal roofs, there are numerous color options ranging from graceful neutral shades to eye-catching, vibrant hues. The color of your roof can dramatically impact your home's overall aesthetic. However, a common question homeowners have is: do metal roofs fade over time? And if so, which specific color tends to fade the most?

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we have years of experience with metal roof replacements. With this expertise, we have compiled insights on which metal roof colors are the most prone to fading from exposure to the elements. 

In this blog post, we'll also share tips on choosing a long-lasting color that retains its vibrancy for years to come.

Do Metal Roofs Actually Fade In Color?

Yes, it's true that metal roofs can fade and lose their richness after years of UV exposure. The degree and speed of fading depend on the specific paint or coating used on the metal panels.

High-quality metal roofs often get treated with special UV-resistant coatings during manufacturing. These coatings are formulated to resist chalking and color fading caused by intense sunlight. However, no coating lasts forever, especially in harsh climates with scorching sun exposure.

Even with the best UV protection, almost all colored metal roofs will experience some level of fading after a decade or two. So, while they may not fade as quickly as asphalt shingles, colored metal roofs won't retain their original vibrant hue forever.

Metal Roofs Actually Fade In Color

Why Do Metal Roofs Fade? Is It Normal?

Yes, metal roofs fading with time is normal. No coating or pigment is completely fade-proof. A little patina and color shifting are normal over a metal roof's very long lifespan. Regular maintenance and possible re-coating can revive faded tones.

With the right color selection and high-quality materials, a metal roof can retain its beautiful sheen for 30 to 40 years or more with minimal fading issues. As always, it's best to consult roofing experts to find the most fade-resistant solution for your climate and personal taste.

What Colors Fade The Most On Metal Roofs?

Generally speaking, lighter colors and shades with more pigments tend to fade less noticeably than darker or neutral tones on metal roofs. Here's a breakdown of which popular metal roof colors are most prone to fading over time:

1. Beige & Tans

Beige and light tan colors lack enough pigment to retain their brightness for long. They often yellow or take on a dingy look within 5-10 years.

2. Reds

Vibrant red tones like brick red tend to fade and take on an orange or pink cast as the pigments break down from UV rays.

3. Light Greens

Pale green and mint shades can become washed out and faded, looking muted quickly compared to a deeper hunter or olive green.

4. Blues

While richer navy or indigo blues perform better, soft powder or sky blues are more prone to rapid fading and chalking over time.

The more lightly pigmented and pale the color of a metal roof, the faster it will lose its vibrancy when baked by intense sunshine over the years. Unfortunately, those crisp white, bright red, or pretty pastel roofs rarely stay looking that way for long.

Colors Fade The Most On Metal Roofs?

Which Colors Fade The Least?

On the other end of the spectrum, certain metal roof colors don’t fade easily and hold up better. The most fade-resistant options include:

1. Darker Neutrals

Charcoal grays, deep bronzes, rich brown woody tones, and dark shades of green all retain their intensity well, thanks to higher levels of pigment.

2. Darker, Saturated Tones

Any deep, saturated color like hunter green, burgundy, midnight blue, or dark reds and terra cottas are less prone to sun-induced fading over decades.  

3. Natural Metallic Finishes

Clear acrylic or PVDF finishes that let the natural zinc, copper, or steel metallic tones shine through are generally less affected by UV rays.

So, in general, the darker and richer the metal roof color is from the start, the longer it will keep its original vivid look. Lighter neutrals and pastels don't have as much pigment longevity.

Tips For Choosing A Fade-Resistant Metal Roof

If you want to ensure your metal roof stays looking great for decades, keep these tips in mind:

#1. Consider Roof Pitch & Angle

Roofs with lower pitches and slopes that get more direct sun exposure will experience faster color fading. A steeper roof pitch can add years of color vibrancy.

#2. Factor In Your Climate

Regions with intense year-round sun, like the southwest, will accelerate any color fading issues compared to milder northern climates. Plan accordingly based on your home's location.  

#3. Choose Premium Coatings

Top-tier PVDF or Kynar 500® factory finishes offer great UV protection and color stability for metal roofs. The coating quality makes a big difference.

#4. Opt for Nature-Inspired Tones

Warm browns, greenish grays, and earth-tone blends are inspired by nature and look great even as some fading occurs over decades.

One option that guarantees little to no future fading is metallicllic finishes like clear-coated galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc. Their natural metallic hues won't wash out from UV exposure.

Do Metal Roofs Fade More Than Asphalt Shingles?

While metal roof colors will gradually fade from UV radiation, they hold up far better over decades compared to asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles tend to see rapid color fading, curling, and granule loss within 10-15 years of sun saturation.

Well-coated metal roofs can easily maintain a relatively rich tone three or four times longer than asphalt before noticeable fading occurs. Fading happens more uniformly on metal panels than on the patchy, streaky fading and discoloration common on old asphalt shingles.

So, if longevity and color retention are priorities, a high-quality metal roof in the right color choice has the advantage over asphalt every time.

By understanding which metal roof colors are most vulnerable to fading over time, you can choose the right shade for your home and climate conditions. With proper planning, your metal roof can stay looking fresh and vibrant for decades to come.

Metal Roofs Fade More Than Asphalt Shingles

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