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5 Best Gutter Guards for Heavy Rain & Storms in 2024

Posted on : July 29, 2023

5 Best Gutter Guards for Heavy Rain & Storms in 2024

If you are a homeowner living in an area that experiences heavy rain and storms, you know the importance of having reliable gutter guards to protect your home from rainwater damage. Gutter guards play a crucial role in directing water runoff into your gutters while keeping debris out, ensuring your home stays safe and well-maintained. 

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we're here with a comparison of the top gutter guards in the industry for 2024. These gutter guards are designed specifically to handle heavy rainfall and storms that are prevalent across the country.

Best Gutter Guards to Tackle Heavy Rain

Our ranking and reviews are based on multiple factors, including debris-catching ability, water flow efficiency, installation process, warranty coverage, and sustainability of materials.

#1 LeafFilter: Best Overall

At the top of our list is LeafFilter, known for manufacturing one of the most well-regarded gutter guard options in the U.S. With over 15 years in business, LeafFilter has built a reputation for providing high-quality products and outstanding service. Their gutter guards are crafted from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and stainless steel micro mesh, making them durable and resistant to UV rays, heavy rainfall, and moisture. These guards excel at catching virtually all types of debris while allowing ample water flow. This option is also considered the best gutter guard for pine needles.


  • Made from recyclable materials
  • High efficiency 
  • Catches most debris effectively
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Large service area


  • Expensive
  • Requires professional installation

#2 HomeCraft Gutter Protection

HomeCraft Gutter Protection

HomeCraft Gutter Protection takes the second spot on our list, offering micro mesh gutter guards that effectively catch both small and large debris while managing large volumes of runoff. They provide various options to fit most standard gutters, including K-style and half-round gutters. If you are looking for 6-inch K-style gutters that handle excessive runoff, HomeCraft is an ideal choice. However, DIY installation is not recommended, and some homeowners have reported issues with customer service.


  • Several designs are ideal for handling heavy rainfall
  • Fits most homes and gutter types
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Catches small debris without impeding water flow


  • No sustainable business practices
  • Potential customer service issues

#3 LeafGuard


A notable addition to our list is LeafGuard, a one-piece gutter guard system that offers outstanding protection against heavy rain and storms. Unlike traditional gutter guards that require installation over existing gutters, LeafGuard's patented design incorporates the gutter and guard into one seamless unit. This design ensures that water flows freely into the gutters while leaves, debris, and even small particles are effectively repelled.


  • One-piece design eliminates clogs
  • Keeps leaves and debris out while allowing water flow
  • Professional installation provided by the company
  • Lifetime warranty for clogs and a limited lifetime warranty for paint scratches or chips


  • Limited color and style options compared to traditional gutters
  • It may be more expensive than some other options

#4 Gutterglove


Introducing Gutterglove, another exceptional option for heavy rain and storms. Gutterglove utilizes micro-mesh technology to prevent debris from entering your gutters while maintaining smooth water flow. Made from durable stainless steel, these guards are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Gutterglove is also easy to install, making it a potential DIY home improvement project.


  • Micro mesh design effectively keeps debris out
  • Stainless steel material is rust resistant
  • DIY installation kits available
  • Gutter guards are made of 100% recyclable materials


  • Limited information on warranty coverage

#5 All American Gutter Protection

All American Gutter Protection

Completing our list of top picks, All American Gutter Protection installs stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards on an aluminum frame. These guards are sturdy, long-lasting, and recyclable. With perforations designed to facilitate rapid water flow, they are well-suited for areas with above-average rainfall. All American offers many color and size options for ample customization, making it easier to match your home's style and gutter size.


  • Many gutter guard options are available to match your home’s exterior
  • Excellent water flow performance
  • A lifetime warranty is provided
  • Discounts are available for seniors and veterans


  • Not available for DIY installation
  • Relatively small service area

When choosing gutter guards for a region with abundant rainfall, several factors should be taken into account to ensure the best possible protection for your home.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Gutter Guards for Heavy Rain

These factors play a critical role in safeguarding your property from water damage and maintaining the integrity of your gutters during heavy rains and storms.

Gutter Guard Type & Material

Micro mesh gutter guards, like those offered by LeafFilter, are highly effective at catching debris and directing water flow. Opt for guards made from stainless steel or aluminum, as they provide better durability and resistance to extreme weather.


Quality matters in both installation and products. Poor installation can lead to gutter guards failing to perform, potentially causing structural damage and foundation issues.

Choose a renowned company with a track record of excellence.


Consider the cost of professional installation services and compare quotes to find the best value for your investment.

Installation Process

Check customer reviews to ensure the installation process is efficient, clean, and respectful of your property.

Holes, Gaps, or Openings

The size and arrangement of the perforations in the gutter guards determine their effectiveness in keeping debris out and directing water flow. Micromesh guards are usually the best option for areas with heavy rainfall.


Although gutter guards reduce the need for regular cleaning, they still require occasional maintenance. Opt for guards that are most effective at reducing debris accumulation.

Warranty Coverage

Select gutter guards with comprehensive warranty coverage to protect your home from storms and water damage.

With this knowledge and tips, you can easily compare your options and select the best gutter guard that will protect your home on rainy days.

Making a Choice: Which is the Best Gutter Guard for Heavy Rain?

After carefully considering all factors, our best pick is the micro mesh guard from LeafFilter. Despite its higher cost, LeafFilter's high-quality materials, excellent water flow, and recyclable design make it a reliable and durable option. Furthermore, their lifetime warranty provides added peace of mind for homeowners in regions with heavy rainfall.

Remember, selecting the right gutter installer is crucial to ensuring the long-term effectiveness and reliability of your new gutter guards and the entire gutter system.

Select the Right Gutter Guard Installation Company

A reputable and experienced installer can make all the difference in shielding your home from heavy rains and storms. 

  • Start by researching local gutter installation companies and reading customer reviews to gauge their reputation and level of customer satisfaction. 
  • Look for installers with a verified record of high-quality workmanship and positive testimonials from previous clients. 
  • Additionally, check if the installer offers a variety of gutter guard options, including micromesh guards, which are ideal for areas with heavy rain. 
  • Ensure the installer is licensed, insured, and provides comprehensive warranty coverage for their work. 
  • A professional and efficient installation process is essential, so inquire about their installation techniques and clean-up procedures. 

By selecting a trustworthy and experienced gutter installer, you can rest easy knowing that your home's gutter system will be expertly installed, providing reliable protection for years to come.

If you are looking to install new gutter guards or hire a reliable gutter contractor in Pittsburgh, we're here to help you select and install the best one for your home.

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