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How To Keep Gutters From Freezing In Winter

Posted on : January 9, 2024

How To Keep Gutters From Freezing In Winter

It’s common for gutters and downspouts to freeze in icy and snowy areas. If you are facing this issue, it’s important to tackle it correctly and promptly. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to keep rain gutters from freezing in winter and get expert tips on how to ensure successful gutter upgrades!

The Best Ways To Keep Gutters From Freezing In Winter

The best way to maintain your rain gutters is to hire a reputable contractor for a complete roof and gutter inspection, which includes the attic as well. Issues related to freezing are normally caused by problems with your roof and attic. Professionals will suggest several solutions and upgrades to prevent your gutters from freezing!

Here are eight tried and tested ways to keep your roof gutters from freezing in winter:

#1 Regular Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance includes professional cleaning and repairs when necessary. As a homeowner, you can look after the basic maintenance aspects, but you don’t want to skip out on crucial professional work if necessary. Otherwise, issues like ice dams, clogs, and overflows create severe problems. Schedule professional gutter cleaning, especially before the winter season, to ensure that your gutter system is functioning perfectly. 

#2 Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a preventive measure designed to keep debris out of your gutters. They come in various forms, such as mesh screens, solid covers, or foam inserts. Gutter guards act as a cover, preventing debris from entering the rain gutters while allowing the water to freely flow through them. They can greatly reduce the frequency and intensity of gutter cleanings and help prevent ice and snow build-up, which leads to freezing.

#3 Regularly Remove Snow Using Roof Rakes

Remove Snow Using Roof Rakes

Using roof rakes to remove the snow from your roof is a more accessible maintenance method that can be safely conducted by homeowners to prevent the gutters from freezing. Roof rakes are specifically designed to efficiently clear snow from roofs without causing damage to roofing materials. By using roof rakes, homeowners can effectively remove accumulated snow from their roofs and gutters, ensuring proper water flow and preventing potential damage. However, always ensure that you are standing from a safe distance when clearing the snow away. 

#4 Install New Attic Insulation With A Higher R-Value

Upgrading your attic insulation with a higher R-value is a strategic step to keep gutters from freezing in winter. The R-value is a measure of insulation’s thermal resistance, and increasing it helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels in the attic. Adequate attic insulation prevents heat loss from your home, reducing the likelihood of snow melting on the roof and freezing in the gutters. Professional roofing contractors can assess your current insulation levels and recommend appropriate insulation materials and techniques according to local building codes.

#5 Install Snow Guards If You Have A Metal Roof

Install Snow Guards

For homes with metal roofs, installing snow guards is a critical measure to prevent the sudden release of accumulated snow. Metal roofs, while durable, can allow snow to slide off their surface quickly, posing a risk of damaging gutters, landscaping, or creating ice dams. Snow guards are devices installed on the metal roofing panels to break up the snow and allow for a more controlled and gradual snowmelt. Roofers strategically place snow guards to protect gutters and downspouts, ensuring the safe and gradual release of snow from the roof.

#6 Install Heating Cables Along The Roofline

Heating cables, also known as heat tape or gutter heaters, are electrical cables installed along the roofline and inside rain gutters to prevent the formation of ice. These cables generate heat, melting snow and ice to stop the buildup of ice dams. Safe and proper installation is crucial to ensure the correct placement and function of heating cables.

#7 Insulate The Downspouts With Downspout Sleeves

This is a way to insulate the downspouts from the outside. Downspout sleeves are protective covers designed to fit over downspouts, providing an additional layer of insulation. These sleeves help to shield the downspouts from direct exposure to the cold, reducing the risk of water freezing inside.

#8 Adjust Downspout Extensions Accordingly

Adjusting downspout extensions involves ensuring that water is directed away from the foundation and walkways, minimizing the risk of water pooling and freezing. Gutter professionals can assess the current configuration of downspout extensions and recommend adjustments based on the layout of your home. By directing water away from vulnerable areas, adjustments to downspout extensions help with your gutter system’s efficiency and winter weather resilience.

Now you know some great ways to keep your rain gutter from freezing in winter. But how can you get this done quickly and efficiently?

Tips On How To Get Started Improving Your Rain Gutters

It’s not advisable to handle this issue on your own. Roofing and gutter problems related to winter weather require careful inspection, technical expertise, specialized materials, and safety equipment for successful results. So, the first step is to find and hire a trustworthy gutter contractor in your town. 

Find And Hire A Reliable Gutter Contractor

Start by finding and hiring a reputable gutter contractor in your area. Check their reviews and expertise for roofing and gutter work. Ask about their local licensing, industry certifications, and gutter specializations. Make sure they are well-versed in the type of gutter system you have.

Discuss Your Problems And Budget

Schedule a free consultation with the contractor and have a detailed discussion with their gutter specialist. Share relevant details about your rain gutters, roof, and attic. Also, clearly specify your budget. Open communication always helps in avoiding surprises and delays, and in finding proper solutions that suit all your needs.

Schedule A Roof And Gutter Inspection

Schedule a free inspection with your gutter contractor. This will help them identify all the problematic areas. They will be able to find the root causes of the problem and devise a solution with methods to prevent gutter freezing in winter.

Choose Appropriate Solutions And Discuss Timelines

Take professionals’ advice on implementing necessary solutions. Discuss costs, warranties, and timelines for the project to ensure safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption. Remember, invest in high-quality materials and quality craftsmanship to avoid future problems and expensive repairs.

Don't Skip Necessary Repairs And Replacements

If your contractor finds severe issues with your roof, attic, or gutters, don’t skip their advice on the necessary repairs or replacements. The freezing of gutters will only be resolved when the main problems are taken care of by professionals. You can discuss financing options with your contractor if the costs seem high at the moment.

If you need professional gutter services in Pittsburgh, PA, we are here to help!

Fix and Prevent Frozen Gutters In Pittsburgh, PA: The Top Gutter Specialists In Town

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing LLC, we’ve been helping Pittsburgh homeowners take care of their roofs and gutters for many years. Being a part of the local community we know how tough it is to handle everything on your own. We also understand that it’s not easy to trust someone else with your home’s safety and your money. That’s why we work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction for our fellow homeowners in town. If you are struggling with frozen gutters and need reliable gutter services in Pittsburgh, you can trust our talented professionals. Call us at (412) 353-5660 and schedule a free gutter inspection today!

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