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The 5 Best Metal Roof Sealants Reviewed by Experts in 2024

Posted on : September 26, 2023

The 5 Best Metal Roof Sealants Reviewed by Experts in 2024

Are you wondering which type of sealant is best for your metal roof? Whether it’s your home or a commercial building, you need the right sealant to repair your metal roof and ensure its durability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. 

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we've gathered insights from experts and homeowners to bring you the top five sealants that have been proven to shield metal roofs against rust and leaks for years.

Before we explore the top products, let’s understand what kind of sealants are best suited for metal roofs.

The 4 Best Types of Sealants for Metal Roofs

Sealants are used during the installation and repair of metal roofs. Like every roof, metals have specific requirements when it comes to material compatibility and performance. Here are the best sealing materials that work well on metal roofs.

#1 Butyl (Rubber) Sealants

Butyl sealants are popular for metal roofs due to their excellent adhesive and sealing properties. They provide good flexibility and weather resistance and can adhere well to different types of metal.

#2 Silicone Sealants

Silicone metal roof sealants offer excellent weather and UV resistance, and are long lasting. They remain flexible in a wide range of temperatures and are known for their durability and water tight sealing capabilities.

#3 Acrylic Sealants

Acrylic sealants are often used to repair metal roofs by sealing the leaky joints and seams. They are easy to apply and provide good adhesion, flexibility, and resistance to weather and UV exposure.

#4 Hybrid Sealants

Hybrid sealants combine the properties of different sealant types, such as polyurethane and silicone, to offer a balance of flexibility, durability, adhesion, and weather resistance. They are versatile and suitable for various applications.

Now, let’s explore the best products from leading manufacturers.

The Top 5 Metal Roof Sealants in 2024

The following sealants were chosen for being incredibly effective for both installation and repairs:

#1 Liquid Rubber MetalSafe Sealant

Liquid Rubber MetalSafe Sealant

Liquid Rubber MetalSafe Sealant tops our list as it’s among the highest performing sealants that protect from corrosion and create a durable waterproof membrane. With its solid resistance to cracks, chips, and impacts, this sealant offers superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and UV protection. Ideal for various applications, including metal roofs, flashing, gutters, and more, the MetalSafe Sealant can be applied directly over lightly rusted surfaces and can endure extreme hot and cold environments. Homeowners can achieve optimal protection by following the application guidelines provided by the company.

User Reviews: Users appreciate the easy application and long lasting results of this metal roofing sealant. However, some note that it requires thorough surface preparation.

#2 Gorilla Waterproof Patch And Seal Spray

Gorilla Waterproof Patch And Seal Spray

Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Spray is perfect for sealing out water, air, and moisture for a variety of home exterior applications. This spray forms a flexible protective coating that's both temperature and UV resistant. This sealant is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including roofs, gutters, skylights, flashing, PVC pipe joints, and windows. Ideal for metal, concrete, wood, brick, fabric, and glass, this product ensures exceptional protection. Please note, it's only suitable for exterior use and not for continuous submersion, or below-waterline applications.

Many experts view the Gorilla metal roof patch sealant as a versatile and reliable product. It's durable and leaves a uniform finish after drying, which homeowners tend to like.

User Reviews: Users commend the product’s excellent adhesion and quick drying time. However, it's worth noting that proper ventilation is essential during application due to its strong odor.

#3 NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant

NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant

NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant is a top tier single component silicone adhesive that redefines industry standards. This sealant boasts superior adhesion to a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and PVC, ensuring a lasting and secure bond. Its durability shines through with premium UV resistance and a waterproofing formula that remains flexible, never shrinking or cracking. Quick to apply and environmentally friendly, this sealant is available in a spectrum of colors, catering to diverse project aesthetics. Meeting stringent industry specifications, this product showcases premium performance, offering resilience in extreme temperatures. With proven applications across roofing and construction, NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant is a reliable choice.

Experts agree that this product is a favorite in the industry. It forms a durable bond that can endure harsh climates, making it suitable for all types of metal roofs. 

User Reviews: Users appreciate its high bonding strength and UV resistance. However, some mention that it can be challenging to work with in colder temperatures.

#4 Silicone Metal Roof Sealant by General Electric

Silicone Metal Roof Sealant by General Electric

The GE Silicone Metal Roof Sealant is a favorite product used by professionals. This specialized sealant is incredibly effective for aluminum and steel roofs, offering more than just a waterproof barrier. With its tailored formulation, it creates a robust and long lasting bond that resists temperature changes and impacts. GE silicone sealants are renowned for their resilience, and are designed to brave the harshest weather conditions and stand the test of time.

User Reviews: Many homeowners and professionals express satisfaction with GE’s silicone roofing sealant. Its ease of application and its ability to maintain its effectiveness over the years is an attractive feature for them.

#5 Titebond Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant

Titebond Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant

Titebond Weathermaster sealant can be used for metal roofs, windows, doors, and more. It's highly versatile, bonding strongly with various materials like Kynar™ coated metals, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, PVC, wood, and more. It's trusted and approved by Miami-Dade County and many other regions, a clear endorsement of its enduring strength.

User Reviews: Many users approve of its longevity, confirming that it retains its effectiveness even after years of exposure to diverse weather conditions.

Each sealant stands out for its unique properties, making it a valuable asset to any homeowner or roofing professional. However, it’s crucial to consider some important factors before getting started on your project.

Factors to Consider When Repairing or Sealing Metal Roofs

1. Assessment by Professionals

Before initiating any repair or sealant application, it's essential to schedule a thorough assessment of your metal roof with a professional roofing contractor. They can identify the extent of the damage, recommend appropriate repairs, and advise on the necessity of applying a sealant.

2. Type and Extent of Damage

Understanding the type and extent of damage is key to determining the necessary repairs. After years of exposure to inclement weather, metal roofs can develop leaks, rust, and dents. Each problem requires a specific approach, and a professional assessment will help in deciding the appropriate actions.

3. Material Compatibility

Ensure that the sealant or repair material you choose is compatible with the specific type of metal used on your roof. Different metals, such as steel, aluminum, or copper, may require different sealants or repair methods to ensure effective and lasting results.

4. Quality of Materials and Sealants

Opt for high quality sealants and repair materials that are designed specifically for metal roofs. Quality materials will provide better protection and durability, ensuring that your repairs last longer and effectively prevent future issues.

5. Local Climate Considerations

Take into account the climate of your area. Metal roofs in regions with extreme weather conditions, like high humidity, intense heat, heavy rainfall, or frequent snow, may need special sealants or repair treatments to withstand these elements.

6. Professional Roofing Contractor

Always hire a reputable and experienced metal roofing contractor for your metal roof repairs. Professionals have the necessary expertise, tools, and safety measures to ensure the job is done correctly and in compliance with industry standards.

7. Professional Recommendations

Seek recommendations from a reliable professional regarding the best metal roof sealant for the panels and seams. Industry experts can provide valuable insights based on their experience and expertise.

8. Timely Repairs and Regular Maintenance

Address any damage promptly to prevent further deterioration. Timely repairs can save you money in the long run by preventing more extensive and costly issues. Read our blog post on metal roof repairs, where we help you get started and explain the top four repair options.

Discuss the expected maintenance your roof will need with your metal roofing contractor after the repairs or sealing is finished. Understanding the future maintenance requirements will help you plan and budget accordingly.

When searching for the ideal sealant for your metal roof, understanding the nuances and making informed choices is crucial. A metal roof's longevity and resilience largely depend on the sealant used during installation or repairs.

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