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10 Reasons Why A GAF Master Elite® Contractor Is Best For Residential Roofing Jobs

Posted on : January 6, 2024

10 Reasons Why A GAF Master Elite® Contractor Is Best For Residential Roofing Jobs

Did you know GAF is North America’s largest roofing material manufacturer, and their shingles are the best selling shingles on the market? Now imagine getting a roof installed by a contractor with the highest certification from that world-class brand; that’s a GAF Master Elite® contractor. 

In this blog post, we’ll go in-depth into the GAF Master Elite contractor certification and help you understand the unique benefits of hiring this type of certified contractor.

A Brief Overview of GAF 

Established in 1886, GAF has built its reputation as one of America’s largest roofing manufacturers. The brand has crafted its high-profile rapport around producing advanced and reliable solutions that cater to a variety of construction needs. The company is also committed to continuous innovation and sustainability.

From their affordable 3-tab shingles through luxurious designer options, GAF provides a wide spectrum of roofing shingles. They also offer sturdy roof vents and waterproof underlayments, making it clear that GAF's expansive collection provides beautiful aesthetics and solid protection.

On another note, what makes GAF shine brighter is its focus on reliable and long-lasting roofing systems that are made possible through their contractor programs. One of their options is the prestigious Master Elite certification.

Introducing the GAF Master Elite Contractor Certification

GAF Master Elite Contractor

Choosing a roofing contractor for your home shouldn’t be tough if there is a local roofing company certified by GAF. The GAF Master Elite certification is an accreditation that sets apart the best in the business, offering homeowners benefits far beyond what other ordinary contractors can provide.

Less than 2% of all roofing contractors in North America hold the title of GAF Master Elite, according to the manufacturer’s website. It’s a fact that illustrates the value this certification holds within the industry. This accolade provides an element of trust for homeowners as it eliminates the guesswork.

The Master Elite certification is only awarded to those professionals who meet rigorous standards set by GAF and continue to excel in ongoing training and customer satisfaction.

How Roofing Contractors Earn The GAF Master Elite Status

Obtaining the Master Elite certification isn’t easy. Here’s what contractor must fulfill in order to qualify for the title:

#1 Proper Licensing

For starters, they must be properly licensed according to state requirements and maintain adequate insurance for homeowner protection. This is something that mere licensing doesn’t guarantee but is extremely helpful when unexpected issues arise during the work.

#2 Rigorous Training

Beyond these fundamental prerequisites, they also participate in professional training provided by GAF to ensure they're well-versed with the latest industry standards and best practices. This continuous education ensures that a GAF certified installer or contractor maintains high-level craftsmanship with up to date knowledge in installing and repairing GAF's advanced roofing materials.

#3 Excellent Reputation and Industry Recognition

Additionally, potential candidates must demonstrate a proven reputation for providing quality services in their community before getting considered. That means having good ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and no unresolved claims or complaints.

#4 Years in Business

Moreover, contractors vying for the Master Elite status must meet the minimum requirements for years of business experience. This shows a company’s consistency and ability to operate over a long period of time. 

Simply put, when you choose a contractor with the title of Master Elite, you’re choosing one of the very best in the industry. So let’s explore why opting for an Elite contractor could be one of the best decisions a homeowner can make!

How GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors Benefit Homeowners

When it comes to residential roofing, the right contractor can make all the difference, and there’s a huge gap between the benefits offered by a regular contractor and one with Master Elite status.

#1 Enhanced Warranties and Extended Coverage

When you opt for the services of a GAF Master Elite contractor, you unlock a significant advantage in the form of enhanced warranties ranging from 25 to 50 years. These seasoned experts offer a range of warranty options, including the Golden Pledge®, Silver Pledge™, and System Plus Lifetime warranties. The coverage goes beyond what is normally offered, addressing not only material defects but also workmanship errors. Such warranties provide homeowners with an extended assurance, ensuring that their investment is safeguarded against unforeseen issues.

#2 Access to Exclusive Rewards and Discounts

The GAF rewards program introduces a compelling benefit – exclusive discounts that are accessible only through a Master Elite roofer. You gain a financial advantage, making high-quality roofing solutions more affordable. This initiative aims to increase access to world-class roofing materials and services, making them available to every homeowner, even if they are on a budget.

#3 Quality Assurance and Installation Excellence

GAF Master Elite certified roofers distinguish themselves through their commitment to continuous learning. Regular training sessions provided by GAF on advanced roofing techniques ensure that these professionals not only utilize high quality materials but also excel during the installation. The result is a roof that not only showcases high durability but also maintains a beautiful aesthetic appeal over the years.

#4 Proper Site Cleaning and Disposal of Debris

A preferred characteristic of an Elite contractor is ensuring cleanliness throughout the entire roofing process. Beyond the completion of the job, these professionals ensure the proper disposal of old materials and debris, leaving your property in a neat and tidy state. This commitment to cleanliness reflects a level of professionalism that enhances the overall customer experience. Homeowners can enjoy their newly installed roof without the inconvenience of a post-job cleanup.

#5 Excellent Customer Support

Complete customer satisfaction is a must for every GAF certified contractor. This drives them to provide excellent customer support. From the initial consultation to the post-installation phase, these professionals prioritize effective communication, readily addressing questions and offering valuable recommendations. This customer-centric approach fosters a positive experience for homeowners, ensuring that they feel supported and informed throughout every step of the roofing process.

#6 Timely Project Completion

The hallmark of a GAF Master Elite contractor lies in extensive experience, which ensures timely project completion. These seasoned professionals understand the anxieties that homeowners may have regarding project delays and work diligently to ensure that every project is completed within the agreed upon timeline. This dedication eliminates the likelihood of unexpected disruptions, providing homeowners with a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish.

#7 Minimized Chances of Accidents

Safety is a top priority for GAF contractors. Through rigorous training in proper safety procedures, these experts significantly minimize the risk of workplace accidents during roofing installation projects. The emphasis on safety not only protects the well-being of the crew but also provides homeowners with confidence in the reliability and professionalism of the contractors they have chosen.

#8 Coverage for Accidental Damage at the Site

Despite the stringent safety measures in place, Master Elite professionals leave nothing to chance. They carry comprehensive liability insurance that covers any accidental damage that may occur to the homeowner's property during the course of the roofing project. This insurance coverage ensures that homeowners are fully protected, offering peace of mind even in the rare event of unforeseen accidents.

#9 Reduced Roof Maintenance Requirements

A GAF roofer with Master Elite status delivers superior roofing services, which lead to a tangible reduction in future roof maintenance needs. By utilizing durable GAF materials and leveraging the expertise of highly trained personnel, these elite professionals create roofs that exhibit exceptional resistance to wear and weather-induced deterioration.

#10 Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial cost of hiring a GAF Master Elite contractor might seem comparatively higher, the investment pays off with significant long-term cost savings. The combination of prolonged roof life, decreased maintenance expenses, generous warranties, and exclusive discounts makes the initial investment undeniably worthwhile. 

As you can see, the collaboration with a certified company goes beyond aesthetics. It assures enduring performance, leading to reduced maintenance needs and, ultimately, delivering long-term cost savings. This creates a high return on every dollar invested in your home’s roof, reinforcing the notion that quality and durability can indeed be a financially savvy choice for home improvements.

At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we take immense pride in being Pittsburgh’s very own GAF Master Elite roofing contractor. 

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At McClellands Contracting and Roofing, we grew up in Pittsburgh and realized the need for reliable yet affordable roofing services in the area. Being members of the local community, our passion is helping our fellow homeowners by keeping their homes safe and beautiful. That’s what motivated us to train hard and stand among the best roofers in the country! 

If you want to talk to a GAF Master Elite roofer in Pittsburgh, PA, we’re here to discuss all your needs and provide expert solutions within your budget. Call us at (412) 353-5660 to schedule a free consultation with Pittsburgh’s most trusted contractor. Don’t forget to ask about our 0% interest roof financing options!

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