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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Posted on : November 15, 2022

How To Prepare Your Home For Winter
Before winter sets in it's a good idea to think about maintenance that needs to be done to your home and put your affairs in order. If you have yet to plan and winterize your home, you can still get it done before the long nights of Pennsylvanian winter set in. You must prepare your home for winter so it doesn’t suffer any damage during the cold season. If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall every year, preparation for winter is especially important.

5 Most Important Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Depending on the extent of their winterizing project, homeowners can choose from various preparation options, from low-budget DIY approaches to more moderate improvements. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 projects you can get done. Prepare Your Home For Winter

#1 Maximize Heating Options

Before you prepare your home for winter, it's best to consult an energy auditor. The auditor will inspect your home and give you a report on the energy efficiency of your home, and the areas that most need attention. This will help you prioritize which areas of your home need repair or replacement. Once you've had the report taken, you can make changes to maximize heating options. For example, consider adding storm windows or installing new ones if you have poor insulation or gaps around your windows. If you don't have a programmable thermostat, consider getting one so that you can set temperatures at different times of the day so as to not waste energy by keeping the heat on when no one is home.

#2 Clean & Repair Gutters

Gutters keep the water that falls from your roof away from the foundation of your house. But did you know that clogged gutters can lead to problems like rot, mold, and water damage? Without proper cleaning, debris will also prevent melting snow from flowing freely away from your home. You can hire a gutter contractor to help clean your gutters and install gutter guards to prevent ice dams on your roof (which can cause leaks). Clean & Repair Gutters

#3 Seal Any Cracks

If you live in an older home or apartment, there are a lot of areas where the cold air can seep in, such as windows, doors, air conditioning units, and mail chutes. You can prevent this by air-sealing your home through the use of the caulking method. For additional heat loss protection, you can also install weather stripping and seals around door and window frames. The caulking method is simple. Find some caulk in your local hardware store and apply it around any cracks in your walls or ceilings (like window frames). Make sure you apply enough caulk so that when it hardens, it will create a tight seal around the crack. This will help keep warm air inside your house and ensure that cool air from outside isn’t getting in through small gaps or cracks.

#4 Trim Nearby Branches On Trees

Squirrels, birds, and other rodents are looking for a cozy place to stay this winter, but they could cause a lot of damage if they decide to move into your attic. The best way to keep critters out of your attic space is by keeping tree branches trimmed to a distance from your house, and ensuring there are no holes in the fascia or soffit where birds can get in. For added protection, your can tack up a screen behind any gable vents whose openings are large enough for small animals to get through.

#5 Test & Repair Smoke Detectors

During this time of year when you're likely to keep the windows closed, it's important to check your smoke alarms and make sure they're working properly. We also recommend testing your carbon monoxide detector and checking its battery. It's important to make sure your heating system is vented properly too so that you'll avoid a carbon monoxide problem.

Your home is ready for winter, but what about your roof?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you and your family from snow, rain, wind, and other weather elements. That's why it's important to start preparing for winter now. Here are some tips for getting your roof ready for winter:
  • First things first, inspect your roof for damage or deterioration. If you see any signs of wear and tear, it's time to make some repairs.
  • Clear away leaves and other debris from the roof, so they don't clog up your gutters and cause water damage from melting snow.
  • If you live in an area that gets frequent snow, consider installing roof guards, and other roofing accessories to help keep your roof safe from ice dams and keep your energy bills low.
Whether you need a new roof or want to ensure your current one is in good condition, we're here for you. You can call our team at McClellands Contracting and Roofing, LLC today, at (412) 353-5660 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. prepare your home for winter

Final Thoughts

We know winters in Pennsylvania can be harsh, so preparing your home for the upcoming season is important. If you still need to do so, we recommend taking advantage of our services. We offer a wide range of services that can help you get your home in shape for the season. Whether you want to ensure everything is ventilated correctly or need a roof inspection and repair, we've got you covered. Contact us today!

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